User-centric Approach

Thinking About The User

Although having a great looking site is nice, the most vital aspect is usability. If users struggle to navigate through your site or find information on a page, they leave your site frustrated and move on to one of your competitors who offers them a better user experience. By creating a user-centric design and intelligent IA (Information Architecture) you will be able to provide users with great content which is easy to find and read.

We can also look at existing elements on your site which can be tweaked to make it easier for users to submit an enquiry, ask you for a quote, speak to a consultant or even make a purchase. After all, our goal is to increase your traffic and sales.

Building Solid Architecture

By understanding the fundamentals of Conversion Optimisation, you’ll understand how users behave online and how your content should be structured and presented to maximise metrics such as time spent on site, lead generation and the final objective, sales.

Websites People Can Use

Responsive and Mobile Friendly

It makes sense to serve a delightful mobile experience since more and more people are accessing websites using a mobile device. Studies suggest we are more inclined to use mobile devices at home when browsing for a product or service because of the convenience factor.

The let down for many people is when they land on a website which isn’t designed for a mobile device.

eCommerce Sites and Online Stores

We have worked with some of Australia’s most well-known and reputable retailers. We are able to develop strong product driven sites on solid content management systems and platforms which make it easy for you to manage your stock and sales.

Coupled with eCommerce SEO, you’ll be able to reach your target market easily and effectively.

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