3 key pillars for success online

Website Traffic

This looks at your target audience. Where do they gather online and how can you get them to your website.

Website Conversion

We work with our clients to get a handle on how users are interacting with their websites and suggest ways in which their website can be improved to ensure they are getting the most from the incoming visitors.

Online Customer Retention

This looks at increasing the value of each customer you have. How are you continually interacting with people that have done business with you and what turns them into a return visitor.

Driven by Data

Keyword Selection

Keyword selection is perhaps the most important aspect of an SEO strategy. Selecting the correct phrases can ensure that once a website is found on the front page, the presence that is has achieve is delivering sufficient traffic and enquiry levels via the website.

Analytics and Reporting

In order to benchmark the success of an SEO campaign, it is important to track and measure all data regarding both the traffic and website interaction. GMG SEO have a robust suite of reporting that allows our clients to get a clear understanding of where their search engine strategy and website is performing, and which areas require improvement.

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