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Displaying your location (map and physical address), contact details and website at the exact moment someone is searching for a specific product or service can lead to greater customer interaction and in turn, lead to higher sales.

It’s no secret that map listings displaying a phone number experience a higher enquiry rate. It allows customers to communicate with you quickly without the need to access your website and find your contact details.

Relevant Business Information

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Google Places listings display relevant physical businesses and allows the customers to engage quickly with the business. Google Places listings also appear higher and larger than ordinary organic results. Due to the limited amount of listings displayed, a successful listing can deliver a great advantage over your local competitors.

Not Every Store Is The Same

Reaching the heights of Google Places listings is a slightly different process to standard organic SEO. Our strategists build strong Google Places profiles and ensure a holistic approach is implemented consisting of business and social media citations, link building and off-page reviews.

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