Measurable Outcomes

Future Targets

To have a digital strategy is to have clarity as to how your online presence is contributing to your end business goals. So the first step is defining the measurable outcomes that your business wants from the web. Simply put, it is setting an expectation for future:

• Sales volumes
• Product/Service enquiry volumes
• Website traffic volumes etc
• Customer service satisfaction

Perhaps your business has data such as web analytics, sales reports, customer feedback that can be integrated into the measurements above – or perhaps not.

Trusted Framework

3 Key Pillars For Success

In theory, healthy website traffic, website conversion and online customer retention are the perfect recipe for a successful online business. Realistically however, the chances of a website having all 3 of these elements upon engaging an online marketing provider are slim.

We determine your ideal target demographic and deliver traffic to your site. We then suggest (based on research, data and experience) ways of presenting key content and calls-to-action to the end user to deliver a more enhanced online experience.

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