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An important factor to consider is what visitors to once they have arrived at your website. ‘€˜Traffic’€™ will arrive at your website from a search engine, at which point it will be imperative that your website satisfies the intent of the searcher.

It is important to have an easy-to-use website with clear navigation, and a set ‘€˜goal’€™ for the user to achieve. This will not only help the user get around, but better define a ‘€˜conversion’€™ (eg: Successfully completing a purchase) to benchmark how the traffic is performing.

We work with our clients to get a handle on how users are interacting with their websites and suggest ways in which their website can be improved to ensure they are getting the most from the incoming visitors.

Test And Measure

How We Increase Your Profits

The fact is 99% of websites are never tested, meaning it’s like a stab in the dark if the site will achieve it’s objective. And even if your site is converting some visitors, let’s say 5 out of 100 (which is very good for most websites) there’s still 95 out of 100 people leaving your site empty handed. Fortunately our conversion rate optimisation experts can help. Here is a general outline of the conversion rate optimisation process:

Observation & Information Gathering: We watch what’s happening now to determine the current state of things and look for areas of improvement.

Analysis: We will ask the important questions to determine what parts of your website need to be improved and why.

Hypothesize: We will form test ideas to decide what tests will create the biggest impact while at the same time use the least amount of resources.

Test: We will then run experiments to see which ideas work the best. Sometimes we run a/b split tests and other times multivariate tests, depending on what’s needed at that moment and how much data we have to work with.

Measure: We will then measure the results to determine the winner. After the changes have been implemented, we will then start again at step 1 and repeat until (or even after!) we get the results we’ve been shooting for.

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