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Results Driven Performance

Website Traffic

There are methods to finding your target audience online. Whether its search engine keyword research or a social media touchpoint analysis we can help you find your target audience

Keyword selection

Keyword selection is perhaps the most important aspect of an SEO strategy Make no mistake; an SEO strategy can be doomed before you have even begun if the keywords you have selected are not optimal.


Reporting and Analytics

Transparent reporting

GMG SEO have a robust suite of reporting that allows our clients to get a clear understanding of where their search engine strategy and website is performing, and which areas require improvement.

Continual development

Our clients receive consultations with a dedicated Project Manager who assists them in interpreting the information and will then use the insight from the data to facilitate continual improvement for their SEO campaign.


Driven by Data

Data Driven Approach

Using the best of breed tools, we track all current traffic sources and the behaviour of that traffic through the website. How the traffic behaves, the bottle necks and the leaks in the conversion funnel.

Everything is tested and measured

We test our work, our results, user behaviour and even your website elements to ensure your website visitors are provided with the best online experience possible. By doing so, we ensure relevant traffic arrives to your site and they are served with relevant content.